The Lakes of la Carrière


1. 3 fishing rods per angler are allowed, minimum line breaking strain 10 lbs.

2. An unhooking mat and antiseptic (e.g klin-ic or tamodine) are compulsory.

3. No dangerous rigs. (no fixed leads or bent hooks) minimum hook length 16 inches.
4. The use of carp sacks and keepnets is forbidden.

5. Barbless hooks only (no micro barbs or pinched barbs).

6. Pleaseonly bait lightly. boilies only. No nuts, no pellets.

7. The use of any boat is stritly forbidden, even for baiting.

8. Landing nets must be micro-mesh and have an opening of at least 36 inches.

9. Mutilating the carps is forbidden.

10. Whennever you leave your swin, all lines must be reeled in.

11.You must respect the wildlife on the site, and must leave the place as clean as you found it on arrival (no waste paper, cigarette ends, etc...)

12. Families are not accepted. No guest allowed. Anglers only.

13. Dogs are forbidden. Bathing is forbidden.

14. Abuse of alcohol is dangerous (please stay sober).

15. No caravenettes or caravans allowed.

16.Gates will be locked at 10 p.m.

17. Anglers may use their vehicles for going to the kitchen areas to fill up their water bottles and when leaving the site, not for visits to the showers, toilets and kitchens.

18. We will not accept responsibility in the event of an accident.

19. Bivvies and umbrellas must be green.

20. With effect from 1st september 2001, please separate your household rubbish.


Deposit : 50 % i the booking

Balance payable on arrival


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